Friday Link Love –

Friday Link Love

27. Januar 2017

link love

Today I have another round of Friday Link Love for you – my favorite links that are too good to not be shared. Above you see my favorite family moment of the week: the Sunday afternoon that we spent ice-skating on the frozen lake in Burghausen. The last time this was possible was in 2012 so I guess we can consider ourselves lucky. And speaking of winter sport activities: this winter has been amazing! When we moved back to Germany, I was really worried that the cold, dark, depressing winter months would be hard for us. On the contrary! It’s been really cold – yes – but the snow and the sun bring so much light and fun that we spend as much time outside as possible.

Here are my favorite weekly links from around the web:

  1. This list of the most creative people in business.
  2. I already shared this friendship post on Facebook, but it’s so good that I’m more than happy to share it again.
  3. The US press corps sends an open letter to Trump.
  4. This song. Because aren’t we all looking for something?
  5. Next week it is ALT Summit time again! ALT Summit is THE American conference for bloggers and the first blog conference that I ever attended. This year it’s in Palm Springs and I wish I could be there. The schedule was announced last week. What a surprise to see that my ALT-friend Autumn is actually going to be a speaker. Congratulations!
  6. As always ADAMJK’s guides on Design Sponge.
  7. Thyme-flavored cookies because I’m sure they are as good as these.
  8. Dear kids, „It turns out I’m never, ever, going to be perfect, but I am always and forever yours, and I’m always and forever on your team. That I can promise you.“ Mama

Have a great weekend, y’all! And if you find yourself looking for more reading input, click over to Berlin Mitte Mom’s Freitagslieblinge.

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Improve your English.
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Rock the world!

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  1. I just read the friendship post link for the first time…thank you for sharing that! Such a good read!

    • It makes perfectly sense, doesn’t it, Megan?
      On a compeletley different note: I miss you!
      Big hugs from Germany,

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