Friday Link Love –

Friday Link Love

17. März 2017

Friday Link Love –

A week ago I gave a presentation at the Expat in the City Fair. My topic: The challenges of moving back to your home country. If you are interested, you can watch the video of the blogger event here. It was such a fun event! I really wish I would have had more time to visit the different booths and meet more people. Which means that I’ll definitely come back next year. With more time and less nerves… Now on to my favorite links of the week.

1 – Forever my kids‘ childhood hometown and always a wonderful place to visit. Hope to see you again very soon, beautiful Chattanooga!

2 – Do you have a daughter? I do! And do you want her to be brave and courageous? Then you should watch this TED Talk.

and yes, the daughter was anxious, but more than that, the parents were anxious. Most of what they said to her when she was outside began with, „Be careful,“ „Watch out,“ or „No.“ Now, my friends were not bad parents. They were just doing what most parents do, which is cautioning their daughters much more than they caution their sons…

3 – As mentioned here, I started a happiness jar at the beginning of the year. And it already taught me so much! It’s not material things that make me happy, but it’s people, experiences, and very often the mundane activities of life. Have you one, too? It’s never too late to start! Watch this short video for more inspiration.

4 – Are you a newsletter subscriber? Which newsletters are your favorites? After reading Okka’s list of her favorite newsletter subscriptions, my inbox instantly got more crowded. Time will tell which one is going to be allowed to stay…

5 – Inspired by the interview with Grace Bonney (again, I know, but she is a truly amazing person who always has wonderful things to say and useful advice to give), this newsletter just got a new subscriber. The illustrations are especially beautiful!

As always if you are looking for more reading input, click over to Berlin Mitte Mom’s Freitagslieblinge. Have a great weekend!

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