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25. September 2015

It’s that time of the year again: School has started, temperatures have dropped, pumpkins are everywhere. So are runny noises, coughing toddlers, and aching tummies… My son has been having a bad cough that keeps him (and me) awake at night. I’ve tried almost everything: humidifier, herbal chest rub, saline nose spray, homemade and over-the-counter cough syrups, fresh diced onion in a cotton cloth, homeopathy. But the only thing that really helps (fast) is sitting / sleeping outside on the back porch (I told you that we use this as an extra room!). And Umckaloabo… Are you going to tell me your secret weapons against a cough? Please leave a comment below. And enjoy this new edition of The Weekend Files!

1 – Are you suffering from expat wife blues? Don’t deal with it all by yourself, but meet and connect with others that are / were in the same situation. A great starting point for Chattanooga expats is this (closed) Facebook group! Come and join us for our monthly coffee mornings and girls‘ nights out.

2 – News about season 2 of the greatest podcast of all times surfaced yesterday. Now is the time to listen to season 1, if you are one of the few people on this planet who hasn’t done so.

3 – I’m packing my daughter’s school lunch everyday. I don’t like the options available in the school cafeteria. Plus I don’t want to put her under even more pressure to pick a meal and remember her lunch number when she doesn’t even have enough time to finish the lunch I pack for her with food that she actually likes. There is always a sweet surprise in her box and I really don’t want anyone to tell me that this surprise is not allowed, not healthy, not good for her etc. It’s my small gesture for her on a loooong school day.

4 – I am going to add these brand new publications to my library of coffee table design and DIY books: books by Young House Love, ohhhmhhh and WLKMNDYS.

5 – Are blogs dying? Not mine! Read this and listen to this interview.

Wishing you an awesome weekend!

Ich bin Tina. Promovierte Linguistin, Englisch-Expertin, Professional Coach und Ex-Expat-Partner. Meinen riesengroßen Wissensdurst stille ich mit Podcasts, Büchern, Seminaren und Networking-Events. Hier teile ich mein Wissen, um Dir Inspiration und Impulse für Deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung zu geben.

Improve your English.
Be Curious.
Rock the world!

1 Kommentar
  1. Hallo Tina,
    unseren Jüngsten hat es nun auch erwischt. Bei uns hilft Prospan Hustensaft und frische Luft immer :-)
    Anbei ein Film vom Baseball Vintage Ausflug
    Bei uns sind nächste Woche Herbstferien und da sollen alle unbedingt gesund sein, denn wir fahren nach Florida. Ich freu mich riesig drauf.
    LG Rachel

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