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A Perfect Afternoon in Chattanooga

03. März 2016

Spring is (almost) here! Just as last weekend the weather is going to be beautiful in Chattanooga on Saturday and Sunday: sunny and 65° F / 18°C! On such a nice and warm spring day, we always like to pack my son’s balance bike, our cameras (my daughter got this one for her 6th birthday) and drive downtown to stroll around the North Shore neighborhood. There are so many beautiful views and spots, interesting photo opportunities, shops, bars, cafés and restaurants to explore. So here are my favorites for a relaxing and fun family afternoon!

things to do in Chattanooga Coolidge Park Our afternoon adventure usually starts with a walk across the Walnut Street bridge. Perfect for my crazy little balance biker and my creative mini-photographer. And we always have fun looking for memorial plaques with unusual – or very familiar! – names in the wooden boards.

After that Coolidge Park invites the kids to a ride on the antique carousel and a little climbing on the water fountains, while a hot dog from Good Dog or a Julie Darling donut (closed on Sundays) fills the hungry tummies on the go.

things to do in Chattanooga carousel

things to do in Chattanooga carousel With a coffee from Revelator in my hands, I try to sneak in a minute or two at Blue Skies to look for unique gifts or at Frankie & Julian’s to get some spring fashion inspiration.

things to do in Chattanooga coffee shop I also love taking pictures of the street art that you can find on almost every building wall – just keep your eyes open!

Chattanooga street art 1

Chattanooga street art 2

Chattanooga street art 3 Last weekend, we ended the stroll with burger and beer at Tremont Tavern which is a 5 minute car ride from the North Shore area.

things to do in Chattanooga Tremont Tavern But there are also plenty of good restaurant options close-by such as Beast and Barrel, Taco Mamacita or Food Works to name only a few. And don’t ever leave without a Milk & Honey gelato – it’s a Chattanooga must!

things to do in Chattanooga ice-cream Anything you would like to add to my list of things to do in Chattanooga? I would love to know your favorite places! Recently, I’ve started to post a lot of my Chattanooga pictures on Instagram, with the hashtag #thisismychattanooga. And I would like to invite you to do the same! This weekend, why don’t you take a picture with your phone, post it on Instagram, tag me with @tina_busch and use #thisismychattanooga.

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