The Weekend Files #15

22. Mai 2015

Today you’ll get an extra long edition of The Weekend Files. Why? Because last Friday my friend Sarah was really disappointed that she didn’t get her link fix for the weekend. So today I want to surprise Sarah (and everybody else of course) with more than the usual. Have fun reading and watching on this long weekend!

weekend files 15

1 – Are you a JT fan just like I am? Then you should watch this commercial and this and this (older) video. I wish every week would be Timberweek…

2 – I’m not (yet) turning forty (40!?!?!), but I’m still considering to write a letter to my 20-year-old-self.

3 – Soon-to-be-ex-expat? If there is still room in your container, you might like this (and everything else in their Americana collection). Such a sweet keepsake.

4 – I’m going to dedicate a whole post to this very important expat topic (via Relolanding).

5 – Oh those sweet exhausting Terrible Twos (in German)! I know exactly what Isabel is talking about.

6 – Are you a small talker or not? I’m still amazed about the easy chit-chat between Americans. Small talk seems to be a skill my German mindset has a hard time mastering. But I’m getting better at it. And from my husband’s perspective I am a pro!

7 – Any expat wifes out there who are getting an annual wife bonus? Not that anyone would talk about it…

8 – An new post in my favorite expat column. The topic? The downside of expat nomad life

9 – Everybody in the blog world is talking about personality types right now. If you want to find out your Myers-Briggs type, you can take this free online test. Still on my to-do-list.

And finally:

10 – Busch-Bilingualistics

Beep, beep, die Auto is coming.
Nicht thank you sagen. Danke!
Ich warte für meine Mama.
Ist das Oma in Disneyworld? Ist auch ein castle. (über eine Postkarte aus Barcelona)

5-year old:
Lass mich mal denken.
Ich bin kalt.
Wenn ich auf dir pointe…

Hast Du die Zeit? (TB: Und damit ist nicht Die Zeit gemeint…)
Es war schön, Dich getroffen zu haben.
Nimm Dir Deine Zeit.
Aus einem deutschen Kochrezept: den Topf abgedeckt stehen lassen. Heißt das nun Deckel drauf oder nicht? Große Verwirrung, weil mit uncovered verwechselt???

We are heading to Atlanta for Memorial Day. Do you have any recommendations for restaurants, coffee places or locally owned shops???

Ich bin Tina. Promovierte Linguistin, Englisch-Expertin, Professional Coach und Ex-Expat-Partner. Meinen riesengroßen Wissensdurst stille ich mit Podcasts, Büchern, Seminaren und Networking-Events. Hier teile ich mein Wissen, um Dir Inspiration und Impulse für Deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung zu geben.

Improve your English.
Be Curious.
Rock the world!

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